BeadTin Pearl Mix 6mm Faceted Round Plastic Craft Beads (600pcs)

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BeadTin Pearl Mix 6mm Faceted Round Plastic Craft Beads (600pcs)

Our multi-colored mix, in a shimmering pearl finish, faceted round plastic craft beads measure 6mm diameter and have a 1.3mm hole which runs through the center of the bead. These plastic craft beads are made in the USA with high-quality non-toxic plastic and come in packs of approx. 600 beads. Craft Beads are ideal for making necklaces, bracelets, key chain and other jewelry projects, as well as holiday decorations, home bedazzling and many other craft ideals. They are also perfect for children's craft projects and church or activity camps. Craft Beads come with a smaller hole, so they will fit on a range of threading material like elastic cord, stretchy cord and jewelry wire.

  • SHAPE: 6mm faceted round with a 1.3mm hole
  • STYLE: Multi-colored mix in a pearl finish
  • MATERIAL: Polystyrene plastic - made in the USA
  • QUANTITY: Approx. 600 beads per pack
  • NOTE: Random mix of colors per pack, you may receive an unequal amount of colors